What are the educational requirements?

You either have to hold tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two years of undergraduate university study.Tertiary qualifications include the following degrees recognized by the competent Bangladeshi authority:

  • Doctoral Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree

In Case you have not achieved any of the above qualifications but have successfully completed two years of undergraduate university study, you will have to submit a document from the competent authority on the university certifying that you have obtained such qualification.

What are the functional English requirements?

You must have to provide documentary evidence of your level of functional English proficiency to get work and holiday visa. You have to achieve an IELTS average band score of at least 5.5 in General Training Module.

How you can get government support?

You must include a letter of confirmation of selection & a letter of good conduct for work & Holiday Visa to be issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. These letters do not guarantee a Work and Holiday visa.

What is the evidence of funds?

You must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holidays. Generally, AUS$5000 is regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel. It is needed to attach last one month's bank statement while applying. You should also have a return or onward ticket or the funds to purchase a ticket to depart Australia.

What are the health requirements?

You have to provide evidences of having good health and a sound background. You will be required to undergo health checks as part of the visa process and will be advised by the Australian High Commission of how and when to undertake these checks.

Is health insurance needed?

Medical treatment in Australia is expensive. As a tourist, you may not be covered by Australia's National Health Scheme (ANHS). It is highly recommended to take a health insurance before traveling to Australia. Furthermore, health care for visitors to Australia is explained on the Medicare Australia website (

What are the reservations?

  • You must activate your visa by entering Australia within 12 months of your visa being granted. Failure to activate your visa within this period will result in the visa ceasing. If your visa ceases and you still wish to travel to Australia under the Work and Holiday program, you will need to reapply.
  • You must comply with all your visa conditions while in Australia on a Work and Holiday visa
  • On having reasonable grounds, MOHA has every right to change or suspend anybody's selection as well as process for work & Holiday Visa.